2016 AQHA/NRHA/NRBC gelding by the great Gunnatrashya (LTE 236k+, 7 million+ sire) out of Whiz De Shine, a point earning daughter of Whiz De Doc (Topsail Whiz)
This might be one of the nicest geldings I have owned in my life, ever. This guy was in my “personal string”, but with a large opportunity on the way, he has found his way to the public WAY sooner than expected. I can’t say if he doesn’t sell, I’d be too upset. He deserves to go into a huge catalog and make headlines.
This guy is a finished reiner and has been shown – just google him. You will find show records! After his small (yet, still continuable!) reining career, he was started on the heel side and about made one overnight. You could show this guy in the ranch pleasure and western dressage tomorrow and likely clear the house.
This is not your average show horse. He has been taken down the trail and acts like a veteran. This is the horse to show one weekend, and take camping the next. He has crossed water, bridges, rocks, and will take off down the unformed path wherever you point him. This is the husband/girlfriend horse deluxe if you just want FUN. He has seen the tarps, carries flags, yoga balls, tractors, traffic, dogs, cattle, machinery – I don’t know if he has even blinked at it all.
He can live in a stall, or outside 24/7 in a herd. He knows how to simply be a horse. I can’t find or say a single vice about this guy. You WON’T find these kind offered publicly very often. He is the one you can call me in 6 months about, and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him home if I can make the cards happen. The regret is already sinking in.
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