About Us

The label “horse trader” comes with a stereotype, however, purchasing privately can come with just as many issues. Big decisions come with big headaches, no matter the source – but what if, that could be changed.

We make it our job to sell a horse with a professional, unbiased evaluation attached. If we know about it, you’ll know about it. We’ve got barrel racers, team ropers, breakaway ropers, ranch riders, mounted shooters, pleasure riders, and trail riders saddling up a piece of our brand every day. Whether you are looking to add to your performance string or your next household family pet, we want it to be something worth sharing about.

Midcoast Performance Horses started as a personal brand. Spencer Castro began selling horses back in 2013, and quickly become recognized both locally and remotely as a name inside of the industry. From a simple hobby, this unforeseen growth has led to horses all over the lower 48 states, Canada, and Mexico; with budding interest and business negotiations from places such as Belgium, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia. Our clients have come from every background, such as nonprofit organizations like the Make A Wish Foundation and multiple therapeutic riding centers, or NFR and American rodeo qualifiers.

We hope to offer top quality AQHA, APHA, and ApHC papered horses at an affordable price to meet any budget. All known information about a horse will be disclosed. Although our equine’s do not remain in our hands long, we do our best to pass every vital detail to potential buyers to keep business honest, simple, and informative.