5 year old pony mare

I will be honest I have no idea why this thing is in my barn. I drank a little drank and thought a pony would be the right idea, so yeah, I guess that is the reason why.

11/12 hands. Super gentle. Rides the part but not fancy button wise. HUGE stopper. Seriously this thing drags it’s butt like Gunner baby at a Mexican rodeo. No funny business. Has tracked steers, the heel-o-matic, and has been in the box in her old home but I don’t know how because she really doesn’t have a neck rein of any sort. I don’t know what to do with her. Gentle. No I won’t claim her as kid safe because I don’t claim anything as kid safe. If you know what you’re doing she won’t kill you how about that.

  • 11 hands
  • Baldwin, WI – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405

              $3995 – SOLD