“Atlas” is an own son of Little Pepto Rey, a product of two greats in the cutting industry: Dual Rey (LTE 118k+, PE 38 Million+) and Peptoboonsmal (25 million+). His dam is an own daughter of Casberlena (LTE 80k+) by the infamous High Brow Cat.
I always get the call for a “cow bred” gelding that is “15 hands or over”. Basically, you want a unicorn that outweighs probability in genetics. This one will make me eat my words, because he is absolute freight train at that “coveted” size. Stout doesn’t even describe it.
I owned this guy as a 3 year old in my program and was ridden by my trainer at the time. He went to a great friend for the last 6 years, and she didn’t fail him one bit. If fate were meant to be, he would just sit here now to stay.
This guy has been hauled down the road and has probably seen more of the world than Kim Kardashian. He can trail ride, be ranched on, sorted on, or go into a barrel pen. He rides with a bridle, or without one. He crosses water, rocks, bridges, and hills in a point to go motion. He was patterned on the barrels and has been entered. He can sort of cattle and would make a head horse in a blink. He is a total push style with a motor if you want it, but not unless asked. He is BEYOND gentle and true gentleman for everything. He has no blemishes, rides barefoot, and is an EASY keeper. I cannot find a vice in this guy.
He isn’t just a highlight of this sale, he may be a highlight for the year at the chance to offer him. Do not let this guy slip by.
We can arrange shipping anywhere that is needed: if you are going to send one across the world, this is the one worth to do so!
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