9 year old AQHA Gelding that is the complete all-around package, with looks and size to follow.

Now, not only is this guy bred the part with that perfect buckskin color, he is what everyone can find a use for in their barn. He is a SOLID trail horse that has done overnights. He has been used on the ranch to doctor calves. He has PRCA earnings on the barrels, earnings on the head side, and the heel side! He has also been used as a lesson horse.

Don’t sit there and think “I don’t want a hot head performance horse” – this is the true gem you can’t even gamble genetics to land the right mind for. He can run a set of steers, a set of cans, and then walk out flat footed. He could be your spoiled family trail pet or the main mount on your rodeo trailer and be happy doing both. He could go into the ranch pleasure classes and probably dominate with the right hand. He has a rocking horse lope and will go through a pattern in just a snaffle. You can use him around the property during the days, rope on him on Friday, then let your spouse run him on the cans on a Saturday.

His only vice is that he will act tense to you when you’re on the ground to halter him, and for whatever reason, always has been that way. The fact which he doesn’t act on it other than a few snorts from his nostril doesn’t make it a concern to us in any way. The moment he gets a halter on, I would toss a kid on his back. Go about your business, swing up without a thought, and he rides off the same every day!

He is an easy keeper, with a big foot, and not a blemish on him

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