“Jose” is a 12 year old appaloosa gelding that has some of the most unique coloring I have seen. He is a true palomino color, blanketed over the hips, with a full tail and a long mane (or, what he didn’t rub out this winter anyway!)

I will start off by saying this guy is VERY, VERY safe but he does not want to be a performance horse. He has been used a kids horse the past few years, and has decided his life is more cut out for walking down the trail than any sort of athletic route. Which – is OK. He knows his leads, and will always saddle up to ride off without a hitch. We have tried and tried to get this guy to be soft in the bridle, ride around like a reiner, and stop like the big boys – he would just much rather be someone’s giant golden retriever.

He rides out in our hayfield, in the indoor arena, or down the road past zooming cars. We have yet to find any chaos that bothers this guy: cats, dogs, machinery, tarps, balls, cattle – you name it, the most he does will look twice at it and move right on.

He is VERY low on the totem pole, and won’t fight for his food. He was sold earlier this year and unfortunately lost too much weight in the wrong herd. He is back in a smaller herd setting and looks incredible!

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