“Jasper” is an 6 year old quarter horse gelding. He is TRUE roan that will turn heads anywhere.
We bought this guy directly out of a rope horse program with intentions to become a head horse. We picked him up directly from the trainer. He can lope around one handed and even has a handy little turnaround. Since coming to us, he has been used a cattle horse, a fence checker, a colt ponier, a kids horse, and even knows his way out on the trails. This guy is QUIET QUIET and just simply goes where you point him.
He rides inside the arena, out in the field, or down the road. He can ride with a bridle, or without one, and even do it outside of the arena! He has crossed water, bridges, and is the one you need to venture off and take your own beaten path down the trail without worry. Just watch his video and you will see he is as unbothered as can be.
We hung onto this guy longer than the other geldings he arrived with out of the same program, because well, we just liked him that much. New business endeavors are on the horizon, so it is time to let go some of the “favorites.”
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