“Huckleberry” is a 12 year old BLUE roan PAINT. He is TRUE roan that will turn heads anywhere. He is something you drool over on a magazine cover as a kid, and decide one day you will own. He is one of the most unique horses I have ever owned. Outside of his color, he is stouter than a bulldog and compact like a good stock horse should be.
This guy has a stacked resume. He has shagged bulls, caught loose cattle, picked up off broncs, has been used as a ranch horse, has roped the heel-o-matic, and even knows his way out (confidently!) on the trails. I mean it when I say this guy is one of the easiest going in my barn. He is the first to lead the pack, cross the pack, or go down the hill.
He rides with or WITHOUT a bridle in the arena, out in the field, or down the road. Just watch his video and you will see he is as unbothered as can be. He has that look that everyone wants to have on their ranch and then turn around and sell for the big times.
He is relisted due to a timer malfunction. You won’t want to miss out on this guy
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