Heinz is a 7 year old quarter horse gelding that anyone is going to find a reason to love.

We were told this guy was a feedlot horse when we got him down in Oklahoma – but now, he has taken on the strictest label as a beer drinking trail companion. His favorite gaits are “walk” and “trot”. If you get him into his lope though, you will NOT be disappointed, it is a true rocking horse anyone can sit for hours.

He doesn’t do fancy, perfect circles in the arena just yet, but is one heck of a fun ride along the rail. Regardless, he is the same trip every time, and as sweet as can be.

He has seen our desensitization protocol, and went through it with ease. After day one, the tarps, balls, ropes, and the works weren’t much of anything he bats an eye for. He is a perfect “head to tail” partner to take out in a group, and really hasn’t taken made much hesitation over anything while out exploring. He has been through rivers, in our woods, and next to our busy road with the longhorns.

When a friend drives in from the cities to ride, he’d be one I throw them on for a spin. He may not have much to him for the show pen, but if you want a fun one to enjoy at home with friends and family, you can’t go wrong with this guy.

  • He sells with a BRAND NEW vet report of soundness!
  • 15 hands
  • Lester Prairie, MN – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405

              $6495 – SOLD