“Ghost” is a 12 year old paint gelding. He is an absolute head turner. He is TRUE black with a HUGE bald face, and looks like this living outside 24/7.
I will start off by saying this guy is a TRAIL deluxe, and very clearly he is NOT an arena horse. Now, if your intention is the trail, let’s keep going. Please, oh please, do not get blinded by the pretty just yet!
This guy is a point and shoot, go getter on the trail. He will walk through moving water without a moment of hesitation. He is the first one to drop down the hill or step over the bridge. Turn you rein and he doesn’t think twice to listen and go off the beaten path from the group. He is for the adventurer type. He has the pep in this step, and will be loving every minute of it.
Up until this point in his life, this guy was just never asked to ride in an arena. Will he do it? Sure, I guess. He doesn’t know what circle work is, and has shown us no drive to want to learn. He doesn’t collect up fancy, he doesn’t’ spin holes in the ground or lope around like a reiner – but that is totally okay. He is athletic, so really if a kid wanted a fun playday project, he’d probably take on the local shows and bring ribbons. Saddle this guy up, take him outside, and explore. He has no buck, rear, or hump – he has sat here the last 5 weeks on the backburner and went off without a tune.
He can be impatient to saddle, but a few days of “tie time” will fix that. Because he is not lazy, he is not suitable for a beginners first horse, or grandpappys hip replacement, replacement. Put a confident intermediate 4-H kid on this horse’s back and they’d take to the hills with a smile ear to ear. This horse wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he needs someone to guide him in the right direction.
We can arrange shipping to anywhere that would be needed. He does go with NO reserve. We know his next home is out there, and unfortunately we do not prioritize the trails, and he has no want to fit into our performance agenda.
Call or text me with any questions! We want to make sure this guy ends up with the perfect fit.
  • Baldwin, WI – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405


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