11 year old Friesian Sporthorse (Friesian/QH) gelding that stands just under 17 hands and looks to weigh in just under 1400 lbs. The photos may not show it, but this guy is HUGE. He is really THIS shiny and fat just on pasture.

“Silas” started his riding career in hopes to be used in medieval reenactments. He been used as a ranch horse and knows his way out for a casual ride. He will ride off on a loose rein or collect up right in the bridle. He has seen a rope and calves, and would make one of the coolest cowboy horses around.

He is a BIG animated mover. The right person should take this guy into a 3 day setting and let him soar in the dressage ring. He rides inside the arena, with a bridle or even WITHOUT one! He has been loped out in the field, or down the road. We have put him through our wringer: cats, dogs, machinery, tarps, balls, cattle, and traffic. He has been down hills, crossed water, and ridden solo on the trail. I took in this guy to help out a friend, and honestly, he just isn’t anything I need around.

This guy has a brand new coggins and a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. We do NOT have X-rays on him because he has never taken a lame step with us, or my close friend who owned him prior. No scars, straight legs, and not a true blemish on him!

He has never spooked with us or done a wrong thing. his is downfall is that he is blowy. I don’t like the word snorty – because that insinuates fear or that he’s offput by something. He’s very Friesian acting – he has great ground manners and respects your space, but always seems to be flaring his nostrils and attentive. To everyone I have talked too about this guy, they say it comes with the breed. I just don’t want anyone taking a horse off the trailer they aren’t comfortable with. At 17 hands and 1400 lbs, if you don’t know the breed it can be intimidating.

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