6 year old red roan quarter horse gelding who stouter than a mack truck and stands about 14.3 hands tall.

The story of this guy is unintended. He was “s-o-l-d” to me papered. They were supposedly coming in the mail, and of course after he arrives I am told he is grade and regardless, I am stuck with him.  And well, although grade is not my “type,” I guess some people say you can’t ride papers.

We pride ourselves in vetting what the average client can’t – so atleast if we got the short end of a stick – you get the long one!

This guy is pretty dang cool. He is HANDY. He can turn around, stop on a dime, and move out like the big guys. He rides inside or outside.  You can even ride him bridle-less! I was told he worked the feed lot. I took him with videos roping both the head and heel sides.

He has no buck or rear. He is getting ridden here daily. Take him and make him what you want. His only vice is that he does not like his back feet messed with.

  • Lake Elmo, MN – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405

             $4995 – SOLD