9 year old OWN son of Letta Hank Do It (MAJOR producer, maternal sibling to Fire Water Flit) out of a daughter of Confederate Leader. This guy is 16.2 hands or so. This guy is BROKE, and quite honestly, a favorite..
He is BROKE. He rides inside, outside, with a bridle, without a bridle. This is the horse you want to saddle up when you have a bad day and want to go think it out in peace in the corner of a hay field. I would trust anyone aged 5-85 on this gelding at home. He has been getting used to pony colts, rope colts, break colts, and push colts around in the round pen. Honestly, he has been, in quite literal terms, a work horse here, yet somehow is willing to meet you at the gate everyday to put his halter on.
He is a finished head horse. He has won at local roping jackpots, has had “newbie” ropers take him out of the box on the head side, scores well, and really, just an overall saint when it comes there. That is what he was doing down south.
After owning him I came to discover he is also finished on the barrels. He has 2D earnings all over Texas. Small jackpots, big jackpots, Amature rodeo earnings, I think even pro rodeo earnings.
He has NEVER bucked at home – I was told even when he was getting broken out. Somewhere between the second and third barrel, his old owner told me he would dirty dog buck her off. ONLY on the pattern and ONLY at a race. This happened 3 or 4 times over the course of a few years before she got rid of him.
He has been roped on and extensively used in the last 2 years since he last bucked on the pattern. We have reentered him on the cans and ran him a few times before knowing this. He hasn’t done it. Not sure if he will not do it again or not.
He has minimal minimal maintenance, and really, that is ONLY if you want to enter him on the barrels. He is a hard footed, barefoot, board sound, thick legged gelding that will move off without a hitch. He had tie back/removal, so he does “roar” under hard work (He has been scoped 8+ times in his life and comes out perfect) Other than that he is a hard footed, barefoot, board sound, thick legged gelding that will move off without a hitch. 
  • 16.2/3 hands
  • Baldwin, WI – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405

               $11,995 – SOLD