8 year old AQHA gelding son of Tiny Bit of Luck out of a daughter of Webb County (AAA by Lady Bugs Moon).

Do you have a history of toxic relationships? Do you tend to bring them home pretty,  but ignorant? Do you commonly find yourself in the relationships thinking you can “fix him?” Boy O Boy, do I have the one for you.

Let me start right here: he doesn’t buck or rear! Okay, good, now keep reading.

Today this guy stood tied to the fence and took a nap. Other days this sumbuck can get snortier than a whitetailed deer in a set of Wisconsin headlights. He is a quirky SOB and damn sure thinks because he has some dapples he can get away with it. He is every bit of more “go” than “woah”.

This makes him a brother/cousin/nephew to more than a few 1D can chasers. I think there is an American Qualifier relation in there, but honestly what do I know.

He doesn’t run off, but he damn sure acts as if he has somewhere to be at all times. He could come around, or well, he could not. He does have a scar on his front right foot.

He stands about 15 hands.

  • Lake Elmo, MN – I can arrange shipping anywhere!
  • Call/Text: 651-246-9405

            SOLD – $3500