4 year old ApHC gelding. He is absolutely gorgeous and sticks 15 hands with all the looks. He is seriously a unicorn. He is EASY, and you would easily forget how young he really is.

His name “Just Add Water” comes with so much truth. He is heavily spotted, but you would not see the majority of his spots until he is damp!

I would trust anyone on this horse. He rides inside or outside. With a bridle, or without a bridle. He has been used to push roping steers up the shoot and work around the property. He crosses water, goes up/down hills, and has been exposed to traffic without a blink. He has even spent time riding around the Fort Worth Stockyards!

This gelding is extremely sweet on the ground around people. He will stand tied for hours and not make a noise. He has NEVER done a wrong thing.

You could throw this gelding in any direction he will do it all with natural ease. Get him going in the roping box, in the barrel pen, ranch pleasure classes, or just have him to be the best looking one on the trails with your family. It would be hard to beat this guy in any contest for looks or personality.

15 hands

This guy was sold to a repeat client, and unfortunately is re-listed due to them getting an unexpected vet bill.

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